Our story begins with me. I have horribly dry skin that will break out in a rash for the slightest reasons. With that being said, I couldn’t use any soaps I had bought in stores. They always dried out my skin and caused more issues rather than help. So I decided to make my own.

Once I started, it was impossible to stop and soon I had too much soap for my family to use ourselves. I was so inspired to try new herbs in soaps, that I thought it would be best to sell them.

I’ve always tried to use the best ingredients I am able to obtain or grow it myself. If I wasn’t able to obtain organic oils, powders, or teas, I would get the next best thing, a non-GMO all natural product. Anything added to the soap, is done so, to benefit, heal and nourish the skin. No oxides, fragrances, or micas are used.