Tiny Bubbles soap is made with organic calendula and chamomile tea, calendula infused olive oil, and topped with organic calendula petals. Calendula is naturally immune stimulating and so contains skin rejuvenating properties. This helps to heal irritated, dry, and damaged skin. Chamomile is a natural and gentle cleanser. It is said to be exceptional for getting rid of acne scars, and for soothing skin irritations. It is a gentle cleansing, moisture-balancing soap perfect for sensitive skin.

All our products are handmade and all natural. No oxides, dyes, fragrance oils or chemical additives are used in our soaps. As with all natural soap, keeping it dry will make it last longer. We recommend using a soap saver.

Made with organic coconut oil, organic calendula and chamomile tea, organic olive oil, sodium hydroxide, cold pressed castor oil, annatto infused canola oil, beeswax, raw honey, and chamomile essential oils.